Decorative timber

Our company can offer you a wide range of decorative timber. You can choose pine, fir or Siberian larch wood. If you need decorative timber for sauna – choose aspen or alder. The main types of decorative timber are these:

  • Exterior cladding;
  • Interior panels;
  • Terrace boards;
  • Floor boards;
  • Sauna boards.

Decorative timber comes in different profiles, the surface might be planed or rough. We always coordinate the quantity, dimensions and price individually with the customer.




Constructional timber


Our company produces different types of unprocessed constructional timber which is mostly used as a structural material. This type of timber usually comes as boards, rafters, lumber, beams, pickets. It’s up to you to choose the dimensions. Timber might be raw, air-dried or kiln-dried in specialized industrial kilns. The latter is more popular since it holds higher loads, it is more stable and resistant to mold and fungus.

Please contact us with specific questions.


Sawn timber


We can offer you two types of sawn timber: single-cut or double-cut. Single-cut timber is sawn on two sides by a strip saw and other two sides are left non-sawn (with bark).

Double-cut timber is sawn on all four sides. It is universal, mostly used in the production of furniture or parquet.

We offer a wide range of birch and oak pre-production. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Pjautine mediena

Calibrated timber

Our company produces high quality pine, fir and larch calibrated timber. We have many different profiles in stock but you can always come with your own ideas and sketches, and we will plane any product you need. The main advantage of calibrated wood is the accuracy of dimensions and the smoothness of all four sides. Calibrated timber is mostly used in the production of furniture, various constructions. Contact us and we will discuss your project.