Firewood in a crate


According to every customer‘s needs the firewood may be packed into 1.17 m3 or 1.96 m3 wooden containers (crates). You can choose any type of wood you need: alder, birch, oak, ash, deciduous mix. Firewood is split into 25 cm length logs and then kiln-dried, which means that we can guarantee the best quality and the moisture content less than 20%. If the customer requires, we can produce shorter or longer firewood logs.

External measurements of a 1.17 m3 crate: 1.15 m x 0.85 m x 1.20 m.

External measurements of a 1.96 m3 crate: 1.15 m x 0.85 m 2.00 m.


Firewood in a bag


A lot of customers choose our firewood packed into net bags. They are easier to transport and to store. We offer a wide range of firewood: alder, birch, oak, ash or other decidous kiln-dried firewood, packed into plastic or net bags. Plastic bags come in 20 liter and might be with your company logo or any text you like. Net bags come in 20, 40 and 60 liter and in green, yellow and orange colour. They are UW resistant.


Kindling sticks


Sometimes it is really tough to set fire in the stove. We have a solution for you. You will never have to bother about setting fire if you use our kindling sticks. Kindling sticks are made of extremely dry coniferous or deciduous wood (moisture content is 10-15%) andfinely split into ~16 cm length sticks. Kindling sticks may come in 20 or 40 liter UW resistant net bags.





Eco torches have become quite popular recently. They’ve become a must-have thing during picnic. We produce them according to the customer’s needs: you can choose the type of wood, the length and the diameter you want your torch to be.

EcoForest Light 'N Go Bonfire log

Pellets and briquettes


We always try to do our best for our customers, that is why we expanded our assortment and now we can offer you RUF briquettes and wood pellets. If you have any specific needs, please feel free to contact us.